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The Evanston Woman's Board Membership Information


We are pleased that you are interested in the Evanston Woman’s Board of Northwestern University Settlement House.  As you learn more about the staff, programs and goals of Settlement, we think you will understand our Board’s commitment to this organization which has been helping people help themselves to overcome generational poverty for over 125 years. The Board’s primary responsibility is to support the Settlement financially.  We are the oldest of several auxiliary boards providing funding along with other private and corporate donors.  For over 100 years, our Board’s financial support of the Settlement has been done through our endowment and annual Dollar Letter Campaign.  Participation of all members is required. The primary function and purpose of the Evanston Woman’s Board is to raise funds for the Northwestern Settlement and to further its interests. We do this best when we engage with new board members and encourage their involvement.


The Evanston Woman’s Board usually meets the third Tuesday of each month except for March, July, and August when there are no meetings.  Attendance at every meeting is not required, but is important in terms of staying informed and involved in various projects and plans.  Members are expected to help host or co-host a meeting every year or two - a lunch, dinner, tea, or coffee.  About half the meetings during the year are in the evening.


A member’s personal obligation is:


●       Regular Member Dues: $300  payable in July, which directly supports activities at Northwestern University Settlement.


●       Junior Associate Member Dues: $150  payable in July, which directly supports activities at Northwestern University Settlement.  A Junior Associate Membership is limited to five years.


●       Participation in the Annual Dollar Letter Campaign. The Dollar Letter Campaign has been the main fundraiser for the Evanston Women’s Board since 1909 when friends and neighbors were asked to “give just a dollar.”  Members send an invitation/solicitation to contribute in support of our annual commitment to Settlement House.  An individual donation to the Dollar Letter can be made in lieu of writing letters – a comparable amount will be provided by the Dollar Letter Chair and  the EWB Treasurer.  In addition, members may also organize an individual fundraising event.


●       Share hosting responsibilities at one of the Board Meetings.. 


●       Select from many “hands on” activities as time and interest permit.  Popular activities are working with the Annual Holiday Adopt-a-Family project, serving Thanksgiving dinner at Settlement, lunch with the Early Childhood Education parents, tutoring children, volunteering at the food pantry, and maintaining the courtyard garden at the Settlement.



If you have any questions, please contact us using the link below.

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